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Minecraft 1.8 released
September 14, 2011   Posted by: Staff

Minecraft 1.8 released

Minecraft V1.8 was officially released earlier today. We will be adding it to all the servers later today. We just need to do a bit of internal testing before we release it. As of 8:00 AM Central US time there is no bukkit version of 1.8. We will update this post when 1.8 is available on our servers and give further details.

Update 4:45 PM Central US time

We are still testing the 1.8 release. From the server side 1.8 ‘appears’ to be using quite a bit more CPU than the 1.7 version. We were working on finishing up our testing when the servers appear to have gone somewhat off-line. Without working servers we can’t get logged into our testing servers for me testing.

More updates to follow.

Update 9:00 AM Central US time

OK, sorry for the log delay, but Minecraft 1.8 is now available on all EdgeVPS and Thunder Cloud Games servers. A world of warning: Backup your client software and your world before upgrading to 1.8. The 1.8 game client can not connect to 1.7 games. You also can not use a 1.8 world with a 1.7 version of the game. In other words, once you go to 1.8 you can’t switch back to 1.7 without restoring.

For the time being will be running Craftbukkit build 1060 on 1.7 and will be running 1.8.

Please give us feedback on how 1.8 is working for you!

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1.8 pre-release
September 10, 2011   Posted by: Staff

1.8 pre-release

Earlier today the pre-release 1.8 jars were release. We’ve been a bit flooded with questions about installing the 1.8 pre-release. The short answer is ‘no’, we will not be installing this 1.8 pre-release. This is a very early pre-release and it still appears to be buggy. Our goal is to provide a stable, fast environment for our game server.

If you have a VPS or dedicated server, then we would be more than happy to install the 1.8 pre-release for you. With VPS and dedicated servers you are totally isolated for other games, so if your game crashes / causes excessive load etc. it can’t affect anyone else.

As always, please feel free to contact sales and/or support with any questions or concerns that you may have.

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Craftbukkit 1060 Released
August 18, 2011   Posted by: Staff

Craftbukkit 1060 Released

Earlier today Craftbukkit build 1060 was released. We have done some internal testing and found no major issues with this build. Build 1060 is now available on all Thunder Cloud Games and EdgeVPS Minecraft servers.

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August 17, 2011   Posted by: Staff


Over the weekend Thunder Cloud Games acquired  First, and foremost, we’d like to welcome all the EdgeVPS clients to Thunder Cloud Games.  We know that an acquistion like this can be very upsetting to current customers, but we’ll do our best to make the transition as smooth as possible.
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