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Craftbukkit 1185 Released
September 22, 2011   Posted by: Staff

Craftbukkit 1185 Released

Craftbukkit build 1185 (which is compatible with Minecraft 1.8.x) has been released. We have installed it on all of the basic game servers. If you have a Premium or dedicated server please open a support ticket to have build 1185 installed.

As with all new builds of Minecraft/Craftbukkit backup your world and nether before changing version.

At this time we have not done extensive testing with popular plugins. We will do that today and tomorrow. Due to the extremely high request for the latest version of Craftbukkit we wanted to get this in as soon as possible. Please post comments with plugins that you find to work or not work with build 1185.

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  1. Xadiant
    Sep 24, 2011

    All the plugins titled with 1185 seem to work, but ones that use databases like log block and big brother are working to get a working patch. They currently crash the server.

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