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MineCraft Servers

MineCraft Servers

Thunder Cloud Games is very different from your typical MineCraft host. We own and operate our own data center, network and servers. You’ll never hear “we are waiting to heard from the data center” or “we’re waiting on a reboot” from us. We handle all aspects of both network and server operation with our Franklin, WI based staff.

MineCraft Basic Hosting

These our the entry level MineCraft hosting plans. Multiple instances of MineCraft run on the same physical server. You choose the amount of memory you want dedicated to your game, based on the number of players you want. Basic plans run on our server level hardware (Dell or SuperMicro). All plans include our MineCraft control panel (see the screen shots at the bottom of the page).

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MineCraft Premium Hosting

With our Premium hosting plan each MineCraft server runs within it’s own Xen Virtual Private Server (VPS). Utilizing VPS technology your game is totally isolated from the other game servers giving you even smoother and more reliable performance. Running on a VPS gives you the performance of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. Premium minecraft hosting packages include the same control panel and features as our basic MineCraft package.

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MineCraft Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are the ultimate MineCraft gaming experience. This is a physical server with only your game running on it. We offer several different dedicated servers ranging from 2 GB to 8 GB of memory. Dedicated servers include the same control panel and features as other Basic MineCraft hosting package with the speed and reliability of a dedicated server.

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Try before you buy

Minecraft grass block
Try our public Minecraft server before you buy. The public servers are running on the grass plan. Simply visit or

Powerful Web Based Control Panel

All of our MineCraft packages include a web based control panel. The control panel allows you to fully manage your game. With it’s friendly web interface you can:

  • Stop, Start and Restart your game.
  • Manage user and player rights.
  • Chat with players.
  • Easily kick/ban players.
  • Easily give anyone items (without knowing the item ID).
  • Teleport to another player.
  • Define custom chat commands.
  • View live game log.
  • Upload and download with built in FTP.
  • Edit configuration files.
  • Easily change the world you are playing.
  • Server console for issuing commands.

Screen Shots: