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August 17, 2011   Posted by: Staff


Over the weekend Thunder Cloud Games acquired  First, and foremost, we’d like to welcome all the EdgeVPS clients to Thunder Cloud Games.  We know that an acquistion like this can be very upsetting to current customers, but we’ll do our best to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect in the upcoming months:

  • Minecraft and VPS accounts will be migrated to new server hardware.
  • All customers will be migrated to our Franklin, WI datacenter.
  • Faster responses from tech support
  • Adding several sales, support and server engineers.

As a former EdgeVPS customer your not going to loose anything that you had in the past. You can keep the package that you are on and the pricing will stay the same. You can also change to a Thunder Cloud Games package if you like.

There will be some changes as far as servers go. All game servers and VPS’s will be migrated to our Franklin, Wisconsin data center. We put a lot of effort and planning into migrations and we’ll do our best to make the process go as smooth as possible. We’ll notify you well in advance of the move. After your game or VPS is migrated we’ll perform a test and then notify you that the migration is completed.

There are number advantages to having your server in our data center. The biggest advantage is that we control everything. While there are many other fine data centers around the world, we simply feel more comfortable with our servers in our data center. We are then able to troubleshoot problems from end to end without relying on 3rd parties. If you liked to learn more, please visit our datacenter page.

The second change that you’ll notice is the migration to the CyberLynk customer portal (CyberLynk is our parent company). The migration to the customer portal happens in two phases. First, we’ll migrate your personal information. That process should be completed later today. The second phase consists of migrating the actual billing information for your service. This will happen on the day that your service renews.

We invoice slightly differently than EdgeVPS did. With your EdgeVPS account you were invoices on the day that you signed up. This can cause you to receive multiple invoices (if you have multiple services). We invoice everything as of the first of the month. This will make your first invoice a little different. The first invoice will be adjust for the first of the month billing. Some invoices will be a bit lower (and your be invoiced for a partial month) and some invoices (those that come near the end of the month) will be a bit higher (because they will cover slightly more than a month). This only affects your first invoice with us and then you’ll be back to your normal billing rate. We know this can be a bit confusing, so feel free to call or chat with our billing department if you have any questions.

Again, we’d like to welcome the EdgeVPS customers to Thunder Cloud Games and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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  1. Patrick
    Aug 17, 2011

    Will the prices change at all? i hope they won’t, I love paying at $5 /mo

    • Staff
      Aug 17, 2011

      There are no plans to change the current EdgeVPS pricing. Your account will be converted over to our customer portal with the exact same package/pricing that you had.

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